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Obituary for Khalida Salman Murad Oraha

In loving memory of our dear mother, Khalida Oraha

Today, we celebrate the life of a truly remarkable woman who brought so much joy and laughter to our lives. Our mother was not only a loving and devoted parent to her three children, Laith (Neran)Oraha, Baida(Anuar)Davish Luma(Ricardo)Lopes but she was also a cherished grandmother to her seven grandchildren, Kyle,Evan Braden Oraha , Rafael, Lourdes Davish, Mateus, Alexander Lopes. She was a beloved sister, Khalid, Nabil, Daoud Murad, Fatin Shango, Widad AlRabban, an adored aunt, and a devoted wife of the late Ghazi Oraha
Her presence in our lives brought immense happiness, humor, and love that will forever be cherished.

Our mother had a gift for making us laugh. She was a jokester, always ready with a witty remark or a funny story to brighten our days. Her sense of humor was infectious, and she had a way of turning even the most mundane moments into laughter-filled memories. Her jokes and playful nature brought so much joy to our lives, and we will forever cherish the laughter we shared with her.

As a mother, she was our rock. She provided us with unwavering support, guidance, and love. Her nurturing nature and ability to find humor in any situation made even the toughest times a little easier to bear. She had a way of lightening the mood and bringing a smile to our faces, even in the midst of challenges. Her love and laughter were the glue that held our family together.

Our mother's love extended beyond her immediate family. She was a beloved grandmother to her seven grandchildren, and they adored her playful spirit and sense of humor. She would often entertain them with silly jokes and funny faces, creating beautiful memories that will forever be cherished by her grandchildren. Her ability to bring laughter and joy to their lives will forever be remembered.

As an aunt, our mother brought laughter and joy to her nieces and nephews. She had a special way of connecting with them, making them feel loved and cherished. Her playful nature and funny antics created lasting memories that will forever be treasured by her nieces and nephews.

As we bid farewell to our dear mother, we find solace in knowing that her laughter and humor will forever live on in our hearts. Her memory will continue to bring smiles to our faces and warmth to our souls. We will carry her love, her laughter, and her playful spirit with us as we navigate through life.

To our dear mother, thank you for the love, guidance, and laughter you brought into our lives. You were the light of our family, and your presence will be deeply missed. May you rest in eternal peace, knowing that you were deeply loved and will never be forgotten.

With love and gratitude,

Laith, Baida and Luma.
In lieu of flowers, the family has requested donating to

CALC (Chaldean American ladies of charity)
2033 Austin Drive
Troy, MI 48083